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25 April 2015 @ 12:09 am
THE in all caps.


This is your one-stop to contacting me.

This post will always:
-be public
-screen all comments
-allow anonymous commenting
-e-mail me the comments

If anyone needs to contact me for any reason, and I'm not on and you've lost my e-mail (or it's not coming through or whatnot), you can use this post.

Or if you want to say something and don't want people to see or whatnot.

Or. Um. Anything.

I will re-screen all comments and replies unless you directly say on the comment that it's not necessary or you don't want it screened. (Which means that if you do want the reply screened, you're going to have to make sure LJ e-mails you the replies to your comments. And if you're commenting anonymously and want a reply, you'll have to provide me with contact info.)

Also, it's "backdated" to my birthday, 2015. So it'll always be the first entry in my journal.

And... that's... pretty much it?

28 June 2012 @ 08:45 pm
Never falling for anyone again, kthnx.

(I don't promise, because I don't think I can keep that. But I'd sure like to try.)

(I'm feeling okay, no need to worry. Maybe I'm just feeling dramatic.)

I want to go draw now.
01 May 2012 @ 01:32 am
I always forget to post... Okay so.

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Gaming StuffCollapse )

And... uh. That's it for recent stuff. I think. I might be forgetting.
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22 April 2012 @ 01:40 am
So today I went for my video game interview!

Why yes, I AM a gamer!Collapse )

And there goes all my money...Collapse )

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16 April 2012 @ 11:06 pm
So something awesome today, and something not-awesome! ...And also something normal.

First the awesome...Collapse )

And then the not-awesome...Collapse )

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08 April 2012 @ 02:05 am
So, today, I tried the Shiro stuff with a primer, and let me tell you, the effect is amazing! I change my verdict: it's definitely every much as good as the expensive stuff. I'll be getting more in the future for sure. :D But again, they're lacking in matte stuff, so I still do have to get less shiny things from elsewhere.

I wanted to do a more normal-ish looking thing today (well, normal-ish for me; ie, beigey and coppery), and I wanted to try my samples, so I did Baker's Boy, Girl on Fire, Moltres, and Rapidash. It looked good! And then I laughed at the irony.

Okay, so, onto Type-0!

CharactersCollapse )

Oops. Was going to do a story-so-far, but I'm sleepy. Sorry! Tomorrow maybe? I didn't get very far yet, anyway. Kinda absorbed in trying/leveling everyone. XD Also, overworld music is like... gloomy dramatic chocobo song. >.>

My throat hurts. D:
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06 April 2012 @ 12:23 am
I got lotsa stuff today! Not got as in gifts, but got as in, um, I ordered stuff and they all came at the same time. XD;

Ari + Shiny =?Collapse )

I'm kind of wondering if anyone would be interested in a Type-0 as told by Ari? Like maybe Breyzy and/or Yin? *shot* It'd be filled with spoilers, flailing, and guesswork! XD (But it's okay. Jami will probably correct me. The guesswork, I mean. Not so much the flailing.)

Edit: Okay, tried some of the Shiro makeup. It's quite nice! The jars were packed full, to the point where I couldn't even shake anything out. XD Right now, I basically have to swirl a brush around to hopefully pick up some on the ends of the bristles. I'm sure it'll be easier once I use up some. Anyway, full is good!

Quality-wise, I find it's a little more sheer than some of the expensive brands, but I think it might be because (a) I was too lazy to use a primer, (b) I didn't pick up as much on the brush, and (c) I used softer colours today anyway. It looks nice and smooth, though, and blends pretty well.

The only actual-downside is there's a lot of fallout from glitter. I found sparklies all over my cheeks and even nose. XD; But that's to be expected, since glitter falls out anyway, especially without primer. The problem with this is just about everything they have is glittery. So they're not really for people who like more matte stuff.
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30 March 2012 @ 12:02 am
I've been getting sick a lot lately. Actually, I've been sick for the past two Fridays, now, and I feel sick today, too. Hopefully will not have to call in sick tomorrow, because I really need the work, and if I always call in sick on Friday, they might think I'm just skipping work to fool around or something. Blah. Maybe it's because it's towards the end of the week that I'm feeling sick. Because I've been working a whole week already. Or something.

It's really this weather, too. Mom says I always get sick roundabouts now. Because the temperature keeps fluctuating so much, and I tend to not like wearing heavier clothing.

My stomach was really hurting today towards the end of work, around 5:30-6. I dunno why. I had lunch around 1:30, so it was hours and hours ago, plus I had the same thing for breakfast and was fine...

So for dinner, I decided I'll make something lighter. Sick people food! Like oatmeal! So I had some of that, and it was pretty good, but now I want to throw up. I'm not sure which is worse. I'm also not sure if I want to eat at all tomorrow.

I guess I'll drink a ton of water and go to bed early or something and see if that fixes anything.

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20 March 2012 @ 11:32 pm



Around like... 10:45-ish today, I coulda sworn Eilia came home and said hi. I saw her, I think? And I said hi back and all. And then I was too busy dying in my game so I went back to game.

At around 11, I finished what I was doing in-game, so I went to look for Eilia. And I couldn't find her. Checked everywhere, called for her... only place I didn't check was her room, but the light was off. I tried calling her name, but she didn't answer, so I assumed she went to bed already.

Anyway, just now (11:50-ish), I got a text from her saying she's not coming home. So I checked her room, and she's definitely not there. Plus, I remember her leaving today with a peachy-coloured dress and a white thing over it, and I'm pretty sure the person I vaguely saw was wearing purple, black, and white...?



And the door is locked for sure. So there can't be anyone here...? O_o
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06 March 2012 @ 08:37 pm
I got my very own work e-mail address today! I think this job is getting more permanent, haha. Still can't be sure enough to be totally safe, but... I think it should be okay for now.

I wanted to visit Dani this upcoming weekend, so yesterday, I asked accountant if I could leave a little bit earlier Friday, and take Monday off. She said she was going to take Wednesday and Thursday off, so I figured, well, then they won't need me, right? So I can have Wednesday and Thursday off too, and then ask for Friday off too, and I can visit Dani until then! Great plan, right? Right? So I told the accountant, and she said, okay, she'll tell them, and tell them she doesn't need me until Monday.

So today, she asked, and owner said, well, the rest of them still need me.


So yes, I now have a boatload of things to do, and my very own e-mail address, and on the one hand, I'm disappointed I don't get to see Dani earlier, but on the other hand, stable job is good, and I was actually a liiiiiittle worried about not having enough money if I really did end up taking three days off this week, so now I've more than enough money to cover another visit that I'll take in a couple weeks. :DD

But my goodness, work is definitely very... uh. How do I put it? Very... multitasky. Makes me feel more ADD than usual, even. x.x Everyone is constantly asking me if I can do this or that, and soon, please, it's urgent. XD; I've resorted to opening a window for every single thing I need to do, and closing them after I'm done, and keeping all other irrelevant windows closed, because otherwise I can't even function. XD; On the bright side, it makes time go by quickly, and I'm enjoying the actual work, if not the confusion.

...I coulda sworn I had other things to say, but ah well.


I don't know if I mentioned before that I realized lately I'm lactose-intolerant, but I think it's not just my imagination, and I think it's getting worse. :\ I was too lazy to cook today, so I made a sandwich for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch, and by afternoon, my stomach was really hurty and bloaty. DDDDDDD: Someone told me there's non-prescription medicine you can take for it. Kinda wondering if I should get some. I love cheese and ice cream and yogurt and chocolate milk... ;_;
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